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Customer Comments

Magic By Kel

These are CUSTOMER supplied PHOTOS and COMMENTS !

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Thank you so much for the great show.
Our Jenny loved it and his friends did too!
Thank you again,
Twinsburg, Ohio
July, 2016

You made the party easy for ME !
Wow, you made my day and the kids’ too!
My family all think you’re the nicest guy.
Thanks again for the magic show.
Copley, Ohio
April 19, 2015

Cuyahoga Falls Public Library, Magic Show (Magic by Kel): nearly one hour of
magic tricks and jokes that totally delighted the kids (and adults).
Libraries have tons of free or low-cost programs for everyone.
It’s funny but magic tricks are one thing I don’t even TRY to understand. I just sit back and enjoy.
Cari Miller
Sunthing Special Website
Click HERE to see the Public Library Writeup
March 27, 2010

Thank you so much for a great show.
Hi Kel!
Thank you So much for a great show
at my son’s birthday party today!
My son, Connor, now wants to be a magician!
I had bought them several different versions of magic cards
as “favors” and Connor has been practicing since!
I just wanted to tell you THANK YOU!
I will definately pass your name around!
Karen & Scott
Salem, Ohio
March 5, 2014

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank you for contributing
to the success of Great Trail Council’s 100th Anniversary
Jamborall during the weekend of May 21st-23rd.

I am sure you noticed that there were quite a few people
wandering through the Big Top Activity Area on Saturday;
we had over 3,600 Scouts and their leaders from
Great Trail Council at this once-in-a-lifetime celebration of Scouting.

Your magic shows helped to make Jamborall 2010
the resounding success that is was;
you brought wonderment, smiles and an unforgettable
experience to the Scouts.

Kit Marty
Great Trail Council, Boy Scouts of America
June 12, 2010

Great show at St. Hilary !
I want to thank Kel for performing at the St. Hilary celebration
in Akron on Sunday, August 31st 2008.
You were very entertaining and really kept
the kids’ attention – which is no easy feat.
I’m glad I got to get away from my
duties to see your act too – you are really great.
C. Kellett
St. Hilary Church
Akron, Ohio
September 15, 2015

Even the Adults at the American Red Cross enjoyed the show !
Akron Ohio
December 18, 2014

The photo below is of a
snake jumping in the air during a trick!

Great with Kids and Adults! He kept everyones attention!
I was impressed that Kel was able to keep
everyones attention for over 40 minutes during his show.
The entire group enjoyed the show and are still talking about it.

Loved your show, Kel!
It was the highlight of the holiday luncheon.
Akron, Ohio

Birthday Party at Romp-N-Stomp in Medina, Ohio
February 2010

Upon request Kel can bring a
7 foot tall Guillotine
and chop someone’s head off !

Notice the blade is UP…

…and now the Guillotine blade is DOWN !

Here is a GREAT idea to make a MAGIC HAT Birthday Cake
(photos below)
Create a normal cake with black frosting…
then put a round black cardboard topper that
looks like the brim of the magic hat.
Finish it off by placing a stuffed bunny,
Magic Wand, Deck of Cards, etc., on top!
Just like MAGIC
You have a Magic Hat Birthday Cake !