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A 30 minute Magic Show
for a HOME Birthday Party
with 30 children or less
in the Akron, Ohio area is

Birthday parties not at a
private residence may be subject
to a $20 additional charge.

If the location of the party
is more than 40 minutes
from my point of origin
(Mogadore, Ohio)
there may be an additional
“distance driving charge”.

Check to see if YOUR date and time are available.

To request information by Email click HERE
To request information Online click HERE
Phone (330)673-0889

If the Birthday party is elsewhere
(a party center, meeting room, church, etc.)
there may be an additional charge.

If this is a group event
(business party, holiday party, cub scouts, etc.)
there may be an additional charge.

If the location of the party
is more than 40 minutes
(as defined by maps.yahoo.com)
from my point of origin
(1120 Doralee Drive, Mogadore, Ohio)
there may be an additional $20 charge.

Magic By Kel (330-673-0889)

Each party guest can leave your party
with their own “Magic Wand”

These high quality, 10 inch long, plastic, black wand with white tips are a great
souvenir for each child to take home.

These wands are available for a small extra fee of $1.00 per wand/child.If you would like to purchase wands, you will have the opportunity to specify the number of wands requested when you return the contract.
The Magician will always make his best attempt to bring extra wands,
just in case you don’t specify the correct number on the contract.
We wouldn’t want a child be the only one go leave your party without a wand !

(Although we make every effort to keep wands “in stock”
in very rare instances, souvenir wands may not be available
even if a quantity has been entered on the contract)

Other interesting information:

The Magic Show lasts approximately 30 minutes.

The show has a lot of audience participation, and if the audience really gets
“into it”, there is a chance that the show will last as long as 40 or 45 minutes.
(no extra charge)

Although the show is targeted for children ages 5-15, it is fun for both kids and adults, so it is almost
guaranteed that your adult guests will want to watch the show too!

It takes about 10-15 minutes to set up the show, and about 10
minutes to tear down the show (in case you have another performer,
IE:Clown, Balloon Blower, etc) that will occupy the same space as the Magician.

The Magician normally arrives at your party 20-30 minutes prior to showtime to get set up.
It is usually best if the children are “elsewhere” or “occupied” during this set up period
so they don’t see how any of the tricks work.

The Magician will bring everything that is needed, so no table or anything other than a bit of space
is required. The show can be performed in just about any type of area….. a corner of a room,
basement, garage (heated if winter), etc.

Not too much space is needed, just a 5ft x 5ft
area to perform in front of where the children would be setting (in chairs or on the floor).

With your permission, a small amount of confetti will be left in the area used to perform.
(the confetti is easy to clean up, it’s only cut up paper, NOT glitter)

If you book a show,
you will receive two copies of a contract, one which you keep
for your receipt and will bind the Magician into showing up the day of the show; and
the other you will return in a self addressed, stamped envelope, which will
bind you into paying for the show at the conclusion of the performance.
(At your request, an electronic PDF copy of the contracts can be emailed to you,
at which point you can mail the signed contract back; or sign, scan, and email it back).

There is no need to send a “deposit” ahead of time. ($$)

If you are interested in a show, just specify the date and showtime that
you are interested in, and someone will get back to you as quickly as possible.

To request information by Email click HERE
To request information Online click HERE
Phone (330)673-0889