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Magic By Kel

Specializing in Children’s shows, Kel has done Magic Shows for Boy Scout Troops, Carnivals, Christmas Parties, Halloween Parties,
Schools, Churches, The Red Hat Society, Masonic Groups, Eagles Club, Cuyahoga Falls Park and Recreation,
Hale Farm and Village, Weathervane Theatre, Akron Woman’s City Club, B.F. Goodrich Company, as well as many Private Parties.

The 30 minute Magic Show is just as exciting and entertaining for a Birthday party of 10 or 20 children in a private home,
as it is to a Church or School with an audience of 100, or to groups as large as 500 in a full sized auditorium.

Kel got his start in Magic in 1971 at the young age of 9. He tells of his parents, Pat and Don who purchased a magic kit
for his birthday. Kel ran an ad in the local news paper advertising…….

Hire a Magician for your Childs Birthday Party, $5

Out of shear curiosity people called inquiring how a magician could perform for only $5. Pat and Don told callers that nine year
old Kel would entertain the party guests for 15 or 20 minutes doing magic. A surprising number of people hired Kel
at which point, Kel Boasts, he would save up his earnings until he had enough money to buy more magic,
so he began charging $10 per show! And that was the beginning of nearly 40 years of performing.

At age 12, Kel was billed as Akron’s Youngest Magician, performing
nightly at the “Magic Cellar”, an Akron bar-turned-magic-club
(long since closed) doing both Stage Magic and Close-up Tricks
at tables where the patrons would be sitting. Kel joined the
International Brotherhood of Magicians
(the Magicians Union) as an associate member as the youngest Magician in the group.

This continued until the age of 14 when Kel became a full member of the International Brotherhood of Magicians.
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1976 letter welcoming Kel to the International Brotherhood of Magicians. Kel was mentored by other, more experienced
magicians, including Dave Dillion, Bill Hollen, and John Butorac, who taught Kel that it was not only important to
learn sleight of hand, but to be entertaining, a Magician must keep up a constant patter throughout the tricks.

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Over the past (nearly) four decades, Kel has continued to refine his skills of Prestidigitation performing throughout the North
East Ohio area, entertaining groups of all ages!

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